Ep. 86 Unrest in the States of America

There is growing civil unrest in the States of America in the lead up to the November Presidential Election with Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Coronavirus still causing havoc in the cities around the nation. On this end of week edition of WilmsFront we are provided with a first-hand perspective about what’s happening on the ground in the USA my guest is Justin Nolan from Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Justin went viral for holding up a racism doesn’t exist sign at a black lives matter rally at the state capital Columbus, Ohio. He has subsequently launched a YouTube channel called Lies Among Us which elaborates on his political philosophy and views. He held up the sign because he believes that racism is simply a Marxist term and the correct terminology for hating people of other characteristics is hate.

Justin and I go through how through poor local leadership the West Coast cities of Portland and Seattle on the have almost descended into anarchistic mob rule and California resembles a failed state. Justin points out that this unrest is isolated to those areas and where he lives in Ohio life is much more normal and safe.

Justin explains much of the unrest and polarization is sensationalized by the mainstream and social media. Justin believes that the internet and social media has been a double-edged sword when it comes shaping political discourse and more information becoming widely available.

The US is experiencing a second wave of coronavirus infections, the response to which is driven largely by state and local governments. In Ohio the initial shutdowns were too severe and Justin argues with more known about the virus and appropriate steps taken to secure medical supplies and treatments all shutdowns should end.

With less than three months until the November Presidential elections Justin agrees that mail in ballots are a legitimate cause of concern and could undermine the validity of the result no matter who wins.

Justin finishes off by talking about his community activism around diabetes. It is important during the coronavirus pandemic we pay attention to other medical conditions as people are still dying from preventable non-corona diseases.

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