Ep. 85 After Melbourne Curfew

Greater Melbourne is now under stage 4 lockdown for a six week period, including an after 8pm curfew the rest of Victoria is now under stage 3 lockdown. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront I’m joined again by coronavirus lockdown dissent and repeated target of the state and media MMA fighter and gym operator Nick Patterson.

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Ever since the second lockdown began on July 9 the mainstream media have been targeting and doxxing so-called virus deniers and anti maskers such as Nick. Last Saturday night 15 police cars were outside his gym expecting a meeting to take place hosted by Nick and other anti lockdown activists. They were meeting but on Zoom, the media were there ready to film this bust but the police only arrested and later released one woman.

Mainstream media fake news is reaching dangerous levels already releasing fear articles about a hypothetical stage 5. Nick and I agree that watching mainstream media will be detrimental to your mental health during this new lockdown, more business shutdowns and job losses will increase the mental health crisis in this pandemic. More business shutdowns and an essential worker permit scheme have now commenced.

The media have accused Nick of being a cult leader and implied any person fined for breaching lockdown or not wearing a mask is a member of his cult.

Most Victorians are still passively going with lockdown believing it is the only way out of this pandemic, but with the coronavirus clearly not going away around the world and the only approach from governments that was worked so far to reduce deaths is herd immunity. But Opposition to the lockdown is growing as it fails to deliver the results promised.

Nick was arrested at Cranbourne train station for not wearing a mask, he also shops without a mask. The change in advice around masks recently is one of the reasons people are losing faith in the management of this pandemic.

Victorians still have their free speech for now even though the real cult being the cult of Dan would like dissents arrested for sedition. Police Commissioner Shane Patton has said he has not asked Facebook to remove any posts and his force is only interested in issuing fines, not what happens after that. Victoria is a police state on paper but Victoria Police and ADF can’t even keep up with making sure those who’ve tested positive are staying which is why the isolation breach fine has been increased to $4,957.

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