Ep. 83 Mandatory Mania

Greater Melbourne’s mask mandate comes into effect at 11.59pm tonight after WilmsFront. For the media who’ve been promoting the mad idea of a stage 4 lockdown are still campaigning for governments to mandate even more restrictions and covid compliance measures. Mandatory mania is now sweeping the nation whether its masks, shutdowns testing, apps, or vaccinations. In this weekly version of WilmsFront my expert featured guests Craig Cole and Jarrad Searby offer their analysis on this new mania.

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About Craig Cole

One of the unmasked faces of the Melbourne anti-lockdown and pro-freedom movement is Craig Cole. Craig operates the Facebook page No Consent For We Are Young and Free which has 5k likes. Through his car vlogs he educates the community about Australia’s constitution, your lawful rights and exposing government/corporate corruption.

Craig and I discuss the recent fake news stories about ICU wards in Melbourne broadcast by Seven News using footage from Italy and dummies on ventilators. Craig makes the point that the Covid tests have led to many false positives since they only test for antibodies, not the actual virus.

Craig believes the real cost of the pandemic is the mental health consequences and deaths due to the lockdown. He also has advice for those dealing with police when accused of breaching lockdown restrictions and stay at home directives.

Craig has worked with Fanos Panayides and Raphael Fernandez who were admins of the 99% Unite main Facebook group which got banned by Facebook Tuesday afternoon. In the Daily Mail Australia hit piece on the pair and Facebook group on Saturday Craig’s face is bizarrely blurred out.

Craig Cole News and Links

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About Jarrad Searby

Jarrad Searby is a Wodonga resident who was the first arrested for crossing the newly closed the Victorian-New South Wales border on July 8 into Albury, Wodonga’s sister city. He refused to apply for a permit believing that the state border closure violated Australia’s freedom of movement under the constitution.

The state is threatening to imprison Jarrad for six months and slap him with an $11,000 for crossing the border. Since his arrest, both the jail term and fine have been doubled. Jarrad believes it was necessary to take a stand against the closure rather than take the simple procedural process to apply for a permit. He doesn’t believe that the coronavirus is fake but its threat has been exaggerated.

Wodonga being in regional Victoria is not subjected to the stage three lockdown so you can still have five house guests over, ten can gather in public, and pubs, cafes, restaurants, gym and cinemas are still open but limited to 20 patrons with local police still patrolling those businesses.


‘COVID-19 is fake’: Victorian man who ‘illegally crossed NSW border’ faces court – 7News
We talk to Jared the first person to be arrested/charged with Covid 19 LAW – Senator Slayer Livestream

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