Ep. 81 The Inhumane Radical Left

In 2020 the radical left and Marxists have accelerated their campaigns of terror and intimation. Their inhumane mindset and campaigns of cyberbullying and harassment led to the death of Young Conservative Wilson Gavin in January this year. On this week’s first WilmsFront Wilson’s friend Barclay McGain is my guest who is now facing similar online targeting to that of his late friend.

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Barclay was a Young Queensland Liberal National Party member until recently. A schoolies video he produced as Chair of the Gold Coast Young LNP attracted negative mainstream and social media attention onto himself and the party due to another Young LNP member he interviewed Jake Scott who compared and contrasted the achievements of Australian and Aboriginal culture.

Wilson and Barclay were both members of the disaffiliated University of Queensland Liberal National Student Club. Wilson as President promoted traditionalist national conservative political positions which rubbed many classical and neo-liberals in the LNP the wrong way.

The drag queen storytime protest led by Wilson at Brisbane City library was not spontaneous but had been planned a week in advance. Barclay spoke with Wilson the night after the protest and night before his death and he appeared to in good spirits. Barclay remembers him as someone who was the life the party, despite what others alleged in his death Wilson was at peace with his sexuality, politics and faith and was never discriminated against.

Barclay bounced back from his initial negative publicity and was employed as a staffer to Federal LNP backbencher Andrew Laming. Once his employment became public knowledge leftist trolls began targeting him again and claimed credit for him losing his staffing position. He and Laming are still good friends. The trolls have since intensified their campaign against him sending train memes suggesting he take his life in the same manner Wilson did.

Barclay still has friends from the other side of politics. Greens member Drew Pavlou who has recently been suspended by the University of Queensland for his anti-CCP activism is among them. Drew this week had his suspension period commuted from 2 years in 6 months, a credit Drew’s own activism and his legal counsel Tony Morris QC.

Barclay is an enthusiastic Trump supporter and known Trump impersonator, he believes Trump can still overcome the current poll gap and win in November. The Queensland state election in late October he believes is still too close to call and is likely to result in a hung parliament.


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