Ep. 78 Defying Deplatforming with Katie Hopkins

Mainstream and social media deplatforming is designed to silence its targets and their followers. But this is quickly becoming a futile practice. No one has defied deplatforming more than British commentator Katie Hopkins who is my guest on the mid-week edition of WilmsFront.

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About Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins first came into the public eye as a contestant on the UK version of The Apprentice reality show. She became such a hit that she was a regular on the UK chat show circuit, had two television shows of her own, a call-in radio show and was a columnist first with The Sun and later Daily Mail newspaper.

Katie is a prominent critic of multiculturalism, Islamism appeasement and mass migration to critic. This had led to her becoming the subject of police investigations and legal cases as Britain has countless laws against free speech. As a consequence, Katie has been deplatformed by her local British mainstream media. But she has found a new home in the Australian media on Sky News Outsiders and on the Today Show with Karl Stefanovic.

Katie on June 19th was permanently banned from Twitter where she had amassed over 1 million followers and had been retweeted by President Donald Trump. She has since opened up an account on free speech social media platform Parler which has coincided with a surge in traffic and new accounts with a mass conservative exodes from Twitter now finally happening.

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