Ep. 77 A Second Wave?

Melbourne’s coronavirus cluster hotspots have seen the media whipping up the fears about a second wave of infections. This is despite the state of Victoria having the most punitive lockdown restrictions. A local critic of Victoria’s lockdown has been James Bartolo from the Conscious Truth Network. James is my guest on the return of Monday night WilmsFront shows.

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James Bartolo launched the Conscious Truth Network following his attendance and vlogging at the Mother’s Day anti-lockdown revolt outside Victoria’s Parliament House which was aggressively shutdown by Victoria Police. James was manhandled by Victoria Police and had officers later visit his house and threaten him with a fine.

James became involved in the anti-lockdown pro-freedom movement to take a stand against government and media tyranny. Through his own research, he is sceptical of the contagion of the virus, the need for vaccines and the push for 5G.

Victoria’s second wave of coronavirus infections is locked in Melbourne’s North West suburbs with heavy migrant populations. It is clear that Victoria’s house arrest lockdown has not worked. Premier Daniel Andrews has lost his authority to nanny and threaten Victorians given he let the black lives protests take place without impunity and his own Government’s corrupt activity was exposed on 60 Minutes.

Victoria’s perverse lockdown had healthy people were under house arrest, banned from going to gym, business and jobs destroyed while through the government’s own admission they weren’t enforcing quarantine against those who actually had the coronavirus.

James and I finish off by predicting what will happen in Victoria if Melbourne’s coronavirus hotspot clusters grow. James predicts marital law though I see the public as no longer compliant and consenting in any further restrictions, the second wave of panic buying has already stopped

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