Ep. 75 Historical Wiping and Its Enablers

The new extreme Black Lives Matter movement has turned its attention to historical wiping of our statues, places, brands, films and comedy. On this week’s WilmsFront we expose the enablers of the new war on human history with Australian filmmaker Paul Moder and Antifa expert and Unshackled Contributor Lucas Rosas.

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Paul Moder Profile

Paul Moder is Australian filmmaker who has been in the Australian film industry for close to three decades. His specialty is gory special effects but is also an actor, comedian, producer, direction and writer

Paul won the Best Gratuitous Use of Violence Award for his work on the 2003 Australian exploitation film Bullet in the Arse at the 2003 Melbourne Underground Film Festival which is operated by Report from Tiger Mountain Host Richard Wolstencroft.

Paul is currently in pre-production on WASP The Port Arthur Massacre which has already attracted controversy due to his standing as a dissent filmmaker. He was interviewed by Waleed Aly about the film on the Project in 2016.

Paul and I discuss the causes of this sudden push to wipe historical films and comedies for apparently glorifying racial and colonial oppression or blackface character acting. We explore what this means for the future of comedy in our society and why comedy and making people laugh is so important for us and free speech.

Paul Moder Links

IMDB Profile
Project Appearance
Unshackled Feature

Australian Black Lives Matter Enablers

The extreme Black Lives Matter globalist version 2.0 has been imported into Australia by the usual far-left Marxist and anarchist agitators in Australia. After largely obeying the coronavirus lockdown in Australia they are back protesting on mass. Lucas Rosas has now written over 100 articles exposing the far-left groups and players in Australia.

Socialist Alternative’s sister organisation Solidarity was the only far-left group to break the lockdown protesting outside a dentition centre in Preston in inner north Melbourne and being fined by Victoria Police. They also organised a protest in Melbourne back in February against the travel ban from China.

The Black Lives Matter protests in Australia’s major cities were organised by either the Australian Communist Party and Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance. Socialist Alternative played a supporting role, their far-left extremist Marxist views were not highlighted by the mainstream media.

After last Friday night’s Black Lives Matter rally in Sydney where they attempted to march on Captain Cook’s statue in Hyde Park, two women came back and vandalized it One of them was Xiaoran Shi a part-time staffer for NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge, the most extreme far-left elected member of the Greens who has spoken at Marxist events.

Discussed throughout the interview is ABC Radio National’s recent Background Briefing episode alleging that the racist “far-right” is exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to whip up anti-Asian fears. According to this report being critical of the Chinese Communist Party and that the People’s Republic of China gave birth to the coronavirus is racist.


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