Ep. 72 LifeMaker

On this week’s edition of WilmsFront I’m joined by the Federal Member for Hughes Craig Kelly to talk about how to get Australia back on the right track in the post-pandemic economic reopening.

Then a little later Raphael Fernandez one of the emerging freedom and truth activists joins me to discuss what we should be wary of post-pandemic, but also how to make the most of our lives going forward.

I finish off the show by going through the news of the past week. Racial tensions have increased in the United States with Joe Biden claiming if you don’t vote for him you ain’t black, a woman in Central Park New York called the police on a black man for telling her to put her dog on a leash and a black man in Minneapolis died in incident of police brutality.

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Craig Kelly Interview

Craig Kelly has developed a reputation as an outspoken or “maverick” backbencher due his skepticism of man made climate change. He has advocated for governments to stop interfering in Australia’s energy market so new investments can be made in coal and nuclear energy.

Craig is currently authoring series in The Spectator Australia entitled 20 reasons why the Wuhan Flu is the final nail in the climate alarmists’ coffin.

Craig is an advocate for reopening Australia up as quickly as possible, we cannot justify continued lockdowns based on the fact new cases of coronavirus are still being diagnosed. He also notices the correlation between the pro-lockdown activists and the climate alarmists demanding large chunks of our economy be shut down to fight climate change.

Craig was prevented by Facebook for posting to his page for a week due to a “bug”. Social media censorship recently affected Michael Moore’s Planet of the Human as YouTube removed it due to four seconds of copyright infringement. Trump’s tweets recently had a fact check below them. Self anointed fact-checkers are the new kangaroo courts and another threat to free speech.

Craig Kelly Links

Facebook Page
Spectator Article Archive

Raphael Fernandez Links

Raphael Fernandez is one of the admins of the 99% Unite Facebook group which demands truth and transparency about the coronavirus pandemic and is wary of the push for mass medication and surveillance as part of what is called “the new normal”.

The membership of the group currently stands at 55k, Facebook is starting to delete posts in the group on “fact-checking grounds”.

Raphael attended the Mother’s Day anti-lockdown protest outside Victoria’s Parliament House which was aggressively suppressed by Victoria Police. Another protest is planned for this Sunday, May 31 at the Royal Botanical Gardens which Raphael is also attending.

Raphael describes himself as an empowerment community owner, cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur. He has launched Beliachi University featuring a grow your wealth coaching masterclass and vlogs about his life and business ventures on his YouTube channel.

Raphael Fernandez Links

Grow Your Wealth Coaching
Beliachi University
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