Ep. 70 Taking Back Our Country

On the return of WilmsFront tonight how to take back our country post coronavirus. The Chinese communists, local communists and nanny statists want to make the Australian people suffer more through continued crippling of our economy.

Myself and my special guests address these issues. Firstly I speak with Fanos Panayides who spoke at Melbourne’s anti-lockdown protest. Then Professor David Flint joins to explain how we can hold our leaders to account and stand up to China.

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Fanos Panayides Interview

At the Mother’s Day anti-lockdown protest outside Victoria’s Parliament Hose while Fanos was speaking about his concerns about microchips and warning of the mark of the beast Victoria Police moved in grabbed his face and shut down the protest.

Fanos describes himself as a pro-truth and independent thought activist. With only 98 Australians dying from the coronavirus during the pandemic does this justify taking away the liberties of citizens indefinitely and shutting down economic activity. Is this virus as deadly and as airborne as we were warned it could be?

Despite mainstream media reporters being present on day of the protest they did not report that Victoria Police were the aggressors and labelled the protest about vaccinations and 5G. Fanos has refused to speak with the mainstream media, giving his first interview to The Unshackled and speaks directly with fellow lockdown dissidents via his Facebook group 99% unite it’s us and them.


Victoria’s Mother’s Day Lockdown Revolt – TU
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99% unite it’s us and them Links

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David Flint Interview

Professor Flint has had an extensive career as a legal academic, media regular and commentator and political activist. He is the National Convenor of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

In a recent op-ed in the Epoch Times Professor Flint outlined how Australia can successfully extract compensation and reparations from Communist China for unleashing the coronavirus on the world and grinding economies to a halt. He also calls out our political leaders who have enabled the current situation where economic threats and sanctions from China can carry weight.

As National Convenor of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy Flint successfully defeated the 1999 republican referendum. He does not see Australia’s current constitutional arrangements ever changing despite recent controversies in the British Royal Family.

Professor Flint is also a longtime friend of Alan Jones who has announced his retirement from his radio program though will continue with his television and newspaper appearances. We both reflect on his extraordinary career, influence and work ethic.


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