Ep. 7 Communist and Antifa Killers

The People’s Republic of China has celebrated 70 years of communist rule. The Australian Antifa community are campaigning for convicted murderer Jock Palfreeman to be freed from prison in Bulgaria.

After reviewing the recent Trump, big tech and royal family news our two resident experts return to WilmsFront on Wednesday night’s episode. China expert Dave Lee and Antifa expert Lucas Rosas.

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China’s Birthday

The Chinese Communist Party celebrated its birthday with a military show in Tienanmen Square. President for Life Xi Jinping proclaimed at the Tienanmen gates that “no force can shake the status of this great nation”.

The pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong were eager to ruin the party, baiting local police into greater acts of brutality. They responded by shooting a protestor in the chest.

Jock Palfreeman Facts

Jock Palfreeman in Sofia, Bulgaria in December 2007 stabbed to death with his butter-knife local law student Andrei Monov, son of socialist MP Hristo Monox and injured Antoan Zahariev.

Jock claimed he got involved because he saw these youths attempting to assault two Roma (Gypsy) men. Jock’s story was never corroborated; he had alcohol in his system and lied to police about who he was with that night. He was convicted of murder in 2008 and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

He was initially denied parole, but an appeal court overturned it. The Bulgarian prosecutor-general is appealing the parole to the Supreme Court. Local media and politicians have been outraged at Jock’s potential release.

Anarchist blogger slackbastard has been leading a campaign to have Jock released. He has sucked in the local media and Foreign Minister Marise Payne to bring a convicted murderer back to Australia to be welcomed as an Antifa hero.


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