Ep. 69 Rebuilding Australia without CovidSafe

On the midweek edition of WilmsFront a double feature. First up Peter Manuel of FLAG Australia joins to explain how we can rebuild, refeed, and reenergize Australia by unlocking our farmlands and water for locals. Then Difficult Nerd James Newburrie explains the technical operation of the CovidSafe app and why we are right to be concerned about our privacy.

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Rebuilding Australia

Australians were told to relax when panic buying during the beginning of the pandemic. Our toilet paper was made locally and have enough food to feed three Australias. But as Peter explains how can we relax when we are in a man-made drought due to bureaucratic control over the Murray darling basin, more manufacturing continues to go overseas and more of our farmlands are approved for sale to Communist Chinese front companies?

The encroachment and violations on farmers’ property and water rights have bipartisan support in Australian politics both at a federal and state level. It was Malcolm Turnbull as Water Minister in 2007 who took water rights away from farmers. Climate change policy and global agreements are major justifications for these socialist property right seizures.

Peter is based in South Australia which was the manufacturer of Holden cars until General Motors shut down the plants due to high local costs. Manufacturing can be brought back if we are allowed to use our own minerals and recourse for cheap energy and other local parts and products rather than import them.


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Ep. 13 Our Self-Inflicted Drought


The Federal Government has assured us that the CovidSafe Tracing App is not a location tracker but only uses the Bluetooth function our phones to create digital handshakes with other app users. If an app user tests positive for coronavirus then the data is released from their phone to notify the other app users that they have digital Bluetooth handshakes with.

When Parliament resumes next week the Government will legislate privacy protections for the app with 5-year jail terms for any authorized data access. James states the government’s refusal to release the app’s source code is the biggest cause for concern because that would reveal exactly how the app operates and put more of these privacy concerns at ease.

Scepticism over this app and the nudge incentives by the government to download it is due to previous justifications and misuse of increased government data collection of citizens’ activities. The metadata laws of 2014 were sold to us as a way to catch terrorists and pedophiles yet countless government agencies have tried to access such data for their own use. Government tech failures have also eroded public trust their privacy guarantees.

I finish by asking James about the rollout of 5G and if the widespread concerns expressed about its radio-wave technology are justified? He sees no cause for concern and such concern has also been born out of distrust in governments and corporations.


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