Ep. 68 What is the Patriarchy?

On this episode of WilmsFront my guest is Noah Revoy co-host of the Patriarch Hour with James Fox Higgins. Noah is a relationship and life coach with SMV4K.com which aims to equip clients to improve their Sexual Market Value (SMV) and is aimed at k-selected, rational, red-pilled and straight people. He is happily married and the father of three sons himself.

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Show Description

Coronavirus lockdown as largely seen the suspension of the physical dating/mate finding scene. While online dating has assisted individuals to filter the mating field to find someone compatible meeting in real life is the only test of their potential.

Modern feminism, gender fluidity and homosexual ideology have seen the traditional patriarchy come under attack which has contrary to contemporary commentary and culture been a force for good the building of western civilization.

Noah explains how the corruptions these ideologies and other modern developments have hindered men and women to find their ideal mates and find fulfilment in producing children and raising a family with other alternate lifestyles ultimately leading to unhappiness.

I finished the show by updating the audience on the latest coronavirus cluster outbreaks in Australia and if this will affect the Federal and Victorian Governments’ decision whether to continue with the pandemic social restrictions. I also provide a brief overview of former AFL footballer and coach Dean Laidley’s arrest and the breach of his privacy by Victoria Police.

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