Ep. 66 Patriotic Alternative’s Laura Towler

On this Monday’s WilmsFront show my featured guest is Laura Towler who is a successful British nationalist YouTuber and BitChuter. Laura is Mark Collett’s right-hand woman at Patriotic Alternative and has appeared on his Patriotic Weekly Review live program as a regular contributor.

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Laura began her activist journey in the counter-jihad movement but become concerned about mass immigration and demographic change to the UK as a whole. She shared some of her experiences with anti-white racism and attempted recruitment by Muslim grooming gangs.

Laura was the producer and narrator of the mini-documentary We Were Never Asked. Patriot volunteers asked native Britons were they aware of the demographic changes in the UK and that they would soon become a minority and if they were happy with that.

The British Government continues to facilitate mass migration during the coronavirus lockdown, while native white Britons are harassed by the police. The recent history of the UK police is they have been more focused policing hate speech and transphobia on social media than cracking down on grooming gangs, acid attacks, knife crime and Islamic terrorism.

Britain’s mainstream media has been another promoter of mass migration and have smeared nationalist personalities and organisations. The national broadcaster the BBC with its campaign against nationalism has had a silencing effect on the masses of Britain where the public is too scared of speaking out on issues such as migration.

I finish off by asking Laura about where Patriotic Alternative sits in the British nationalist movement. Civic nationalists Tommy Robinson and Anne-Marie Walters have attacked Patriotic Alternative for being a racist, antisemitic, sexist and homophobic organisation. The Intellectual Dark Web is another dissent movement which has attacked the so-called “identitarian far-right”.

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Martin Donohoe
Martin Donohoe
3 years ago

Read “Camp of the Saints” by Jean Raspail.

Martin Donohoe
Martin Donohoe
3 years ago

“Dave Rubin and his husband!” “Ellen Degeneres and her wife!” Yet they spent the last two decades demanding that we heterosexuals describe our husbands and wives as “PARTNERS” for the sake of not giving hurty-feels to the “LGBTXYZ+++ community.”