Ep. 63 Who is George Pell?

Who is the Real Cardinal George Pell? Following his first interview with Andrew Bolt after the High Court quashed his child sex convictions on WilmsFront I speak with a close friend of the Cardinal John Macaulay. He is a spokesman for Catholic League for Civil and Religious Liberties and is a former altar boy at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

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John is a lifelong devout Catholic, he was raised in Melbourne in a large Irish Catholic Melbourne. He met George Pell through his schooling and was inspired by him to peruse theological education.

The left and the media began targeting Pell because he was a social conservative in the Church. When he was promoted to Archbishop of Melbourne it was when the Church’s child sexual abuse scandals and coverups received widespread exposure and scrutiny. Pell’s Melbourne Response was a Catholic Church world-first redress and compensation scheme for victims.

John sat in on Pell’s two jury trials which were conducted under a media suppression order. 24 witnesses testified that Pell could not have carried out the abuse at St Patrick’s Cathedral against the compliant otherwise he would have been in two places at once. Victoria Police have tried to make 26 charges stick against Pell.

John believes those residing in Victoria should be very concerned about its justice system after this legal saga given someone can be convicted based on hearsay criteria. The left appears to have no problem he was falsely imprisoned for 404 days because they believe at some point during his Priesthood career he did something wrong.

In his interview with Andrew Bolt Pell showed much more humility and raw emotion than in his previous public appearances. In John’s view, he is likely to live out his twilight years making a quiet contribution to church life and private charity. He won’t return to Rome to resume his role as Vatican Treasurer.

The Catholic Church has shown in recent times they have not been up to the task fighting in the culture wars in the same aggressive manner as their enemies.


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