Ep. 62 Locking Us In

On this Easter Monday edition of WilmsFront even with daily infections dropping in Australia, our leaders are still locking us in for the full six month period in an effort to contain the coronavirus. Fears are abound about a second wave of infections, plus we’ve been warned there may never be a vaccine.

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With it being a solo show with no guest the live audience was invited to participate in an ask me anything throughout the episode through Entropy.

Throughout the Easter holiday period, state police were out in force fining those breaking social distancing or engaging non-essential travel. Included in the 433 fines issued Victoria where 26 Marxist refugee protests who blatantly ignored police directions not to gather.

With the infection curve not just flattening but dipping, questions are now being asked about when some business restrictions can be lifted? Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy has said a vaccine may never be found and discovered. Overseas travel looks set to be banned for the rest of the year.

The Ruby Princess cruise ship has proven to be Australia’s most deadly cluster, a new cluster outbreak has occurred in two hospitals in North West Tasmania.

Coronavirus testing kits that Australia and other western nations ordered from China have been discovered to be defective. Chinese people in Australia are still being caught mass purchasing baby formula. In rural Victoria, the Communist Chinese flag was flown with the Nazi Germany flag to communicate the similarities in the totalitarian regimes.

Overseas Boris Johnson has been discharged from intensive care and has now revealed he nearly died from the coronavirus. The United States now tops the world in infections and deaths with New York the epicenter. The US press is still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome by demonizing an anti-malaria drug Trump suggested treated the coronavirus hydroxychloroquine.

In non-coronavirus news Julian Assange through his fiancee Stella Moris-Smith Robertson has revealed he fathered two children while confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for seven years. Cardinal George Pell will speak to Andrew Bolt on Sky News tomorrow night in his first interview since his release from prison after his child sex conviction was quashed last week.


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Chinese and Nazi flags hung atop Victorian phone tower in alleged coronavirus racist attack – 9News
Julian Assange’s fiancee publicly joins the campaign for his release – SBS

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