Ep. 61 Mental Health During Lockdown

With Australians losing their jobs, having their businesses shut during the coronavirus lockdown mental health effects have been rightfully highlighted. To discuss this my guest on the midweek edition of WilmsFront is a psychiatrist Dr Tanveer Ahmed.

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Dr Tanveer Ahmed operates a private psychiatry practice in Inner West Sydney where he lives with his family. He has been a commentator on politics and mental health in the Australia media for over a decade. He is the author of two books “The Exotic Rissole” published in 2011 and “Fragile Nation” in 2017. Tanveer currently writes for the Australian Financial Review and is a panellist on the Sky News opinion program In My View.

Following my interview with Tanveer I provide the latest on coronavirus infections and deaths, Australia continues to flatten the daily infection rates. The federal parliament sat to pass the $130 billion JobSeeker program. President Trump is exploring defunding the World Health Organization. Plus the fallout from the High Court of Australia quashing Cardinal George Pell’s child sex convictions has continued.

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