Ep. 60 Lockdown Abroad

What is living in lockdown abroad like? A nation which has one of the strictest national lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic is Israel. My guest on WilmsFront is the operator of SJW Central YouTube channel who is based in Tel Aviv, Israel who tells us of his lockdown experience.

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Israel’s national lockdown stipulates that you cannot venture more than 100m from your house unless travelling for essential supplies, work or attending protests. Everyone wears a face mask and gloves in public, supermarkets also conduct temperature checks.

The Israeli public is largely compliant with the national lockdown since the nation as forever been under attack from its Arab neighbours and regular rocket launches from Hamas in Gaza. The only rogue community is the orthodox Jews who are intensely disliked by the rest of Israel.

We both share the same anger at China for creating the virus, either through their unhygienic wet markets or a bioweapon release. Reparations and compensation should be sought against China and a global economic embargo should be imposed against the nation.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic Hamas are not launching rocket attacks since they are unlikely to receive any media attention for them and are reliant on Israel to help them contain the coronavirus in Gaza.

Discussing Israeli politics on the global stage our guest believes that the United States has the undue influence on the nation rather than the other way around, Israel is forced by US weaponry. He also does not like the leftist American Jews who push white guilt and shut down free speech, such as the Anti-Defamation League.

Our guest is based in Tel Aviv, Israel which is the most liberal progressive city in Israel and therefore the Middle East. He tells of his own experiences in the city with SJWs holding protests against rape culture and supporting other progressive causes.

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