Ep. 6 Jolly Old Socialist

Yarra City Councillor Stephen Jolly has resigned/been forced out of the party he founded and fronted the Victorian Socialists. Where to from here for Melbourne’s Marxists?

I discuss that as well as reflecting on Stephen Jolly’s socialist activist political career with Associate Editor of The Unshackled Lucas Rosas on tonight’s episode of WilmsFront.

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Show Description

As It’s a Friday night I cover the rest of the major stories of the week which is the total collapse of the latest allegation which have led to calls for President Donald Trump impeachment. Boris Johnson still being frustrated to new heights in attempting to deliver the people’s Brexit.

Abortion was decriminalized in New South Wales but pro-life MPs in the Parliament pushed through major amendments to prevent late term and coercive abortions. The Anti-Defamation League has decreed the latest hate symbols and Saudi Arabia accused Australia of being a human right abuser


Saudi Arabia accuses Australia of racism in extraordinary UN broadside – The Guardian
“OK” and Other Alt Right Memes and Slogans Added to ADL’s Hate Symbols Database
Pro-life maverick MP Tanya Davies thanks her supporters – Eternity News

Topic Links

Analysis: How did the extreme left do in the election? – TU
Planned Antifa riot has Yarra Council support – TU
Victorian Socialists Stephen Jolly accused of “decades” of sexual harassment (and dick pics) – TU
Alleged “sex pest socialist” Stephen Jolly set to receive over $90,000 in taxpayer funds – TU
Yarra Councillor Stephen Jolly quits party over “Family violence” claims – TU

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