Ep. 58 Just The Two of Us +1

This episode of WilmsFront is another joint show with the Dusty Bogan on Cheap Tuesday as I produced with him last month. As with every episode of any show myself or the unshackled produce currently, the fight against the coronavirus and the containment measures we are living with is the main topic of focus.

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Show Description

Dusty’s Tuesday streams are called Cheap Tuesdays because of KFC’s 9 pieces original chicken for $9.95 that day. Now KFC has introduced large chips for $2.

The show is just the two of us for most of its duration, towards the end Dusty invites his American based fan Roots. America is still the land of the free with Roots exercising both his first and second amendment rights live on the air. The Victorian state government has banned gun and ammunition sales during the pandemic.


Chinese markets again selling bats — likely source of deadly pandemic – Washington Times
Lisa Neville wants you to dob your neighbour in – XYZ
No more gun sales as Victorian coronavirus cases rise above 900 – The Age
Coronavirus sparks WA plan for electronic tracking, 10 years in jail – ABC

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