Ep. 56 Pandemics and Religion

Historically during pandemics, people have turned to religion for answers and to improve their state of mind and perspective. This has not occurred with the coronavirus pandemic, places of worship have now closed in Australia. To explore the shutdown of religion in our new age on this episode of WilmsFront broadcast from my new socially distanced home studio is Christian Theologian and Bible teacher Daniel Secomb.

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I begin the show by providing the latest on Global and Australian coronavirus infection and death rates, plus the further containment measures announced with Europe and some US states almost in complete lockdown. The Morrison Government’s most incompetent Minister Stuart Roberts is sadly in charge of Centrelink and MyGov during this surge in unemployment.

Daniel believes that the virus is part of an end-times biblical prophecy as a result of our modern wicked and degenerate ways. The cultural wars have been a prelude to this virus with God’s protection being removed.

I explain to Daniel how religious explanations for disasters are derided with Danny Nalliah and Israel Folau condemned for their comments about Australians bushfires. Margaret Court was also mocked for claiming the blood of Jesus would protect her followers.

We finish by looking at some positive responses to the pandemic as all of these containment measures aimed at saving the elderly and vulnerable, rather than letting them die. Although many are turning to governments for handouts private charity and civil society are returning. With everyone urged to stay at home families can properly bond, parents can parent better with schools and daycares shut.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert – Australian Government
Minister discourages Centrelink lines, assures MyGov website has improved – 2GB
Stuart Robert repays nearly $38,000 for home internet bills – The Guardian
Stuart Robert resigns from Turnbull ministry following probe into China trip – ABC
‘We’re protected’: Margaret Court slammed over ‘dangerous’ coronavirus claims – news.com.au
Christian blogger doesn’t wash her hands, claims trans people and abortion are worse than coronavirus – Pink News

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