Ep. 55 Democracy and Coronavirus

With mass gathering bans and social distancing measures being introduced in Australia due to the coronavirus pandemic, local government elections are still taking place in Queensland. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront City of Logan Mayor candidate Paul Taylor joins me to discuss democracy in the age of coronavirus.

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I begin the show by providing an update on Australia’s coronavirus pandemic containment measures. Indoor gatherings have been restricted to 100 people. With more products now being panic bought at supermarkets further purchase limits have now been applied. The Morrison Government is working on a second sitiumlas package as more industries are shut down.

I then bring in Paul Taylor via phone hook up. He has been a local and businessman in the City of Logan, a local government area located between Brisbane and Gold Coast for two decades. He was drafted into running to for Mayor by concerned locals who are sick of career politicians occupying the council chambers.

Paul has a clear vision for the City of Logan with detailed policies. Local govenments are the forgotten level of government and hence the least accountable. Closet Greens can be more easily elected and local council bureaucracy can run wild.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland is not delaying the council elections nor suspending complusory polling booth attendence voting. Paul believes that democracy should never be suspended but Australia’s how to vote card tradition needs to end during the pandemic.

Paul was previously a senior manager with Coles so I finish by asking him what can store managers and those in the supermarket logistic chains can practically do get more stock into store and stay sane under such sustained pressure and much abuse.


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