Ep. 54 Coronavirus Decisions

On the Monday edition of WilmsFront, with the coronavirus infecting more Australians I go through how decisions about how to contain the coronavirus are being made by our governments, and how the health of the citizenry isn’t their only consideration.

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I begin the show by going through the global infection and death rates as of that moment in time. Containment measures introduced in Australia are compulsory quarantine for 14 days for those arriving from overseas, plus mass gatherings of 500 plus people are now banned. Containment is critical so that the health system is not overwhelmed and to buy time until a vaccine and antibiotics can be developed.

Politicians will remain the ultimate decision-makers and judgment callers. They must not only make decisions based on the medical advice, but the economic impact of containment measures and the behavioral implications as they don’t want to further panic the public and need to retain public order. This is a medical emergency, not a political one, using this crisis to suspended civil liberties is not politicians’ primary goal.

Because the current generation has not experienced a pandemic or a recession it will take some adjustment for people to lower their expectations of how we will live, reduce our sense of entitlement and also forgo luxury goods and services.

Nationalism is the only cure to this crisis, international borders must be shut, globalism, outsourcing, and mass migration must be reconsidered. The first world culture war issues such as climate change, scares about the far-right and non-binary genders are dead.

The economic impact of coronavirus will be severe. Supermarket workers, cleaners and the medical fraternity will have job security. Those in tourism, travel, hospitality, and events will have their industry and jobs decimated. At the end of the pandemic, there will be an economic reset and a rapid economic recovery with a new global economic environment.


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