Ep. 53 Rite-On Action

On the midweek edition WilmsFront my guest is Raewyn Hutchins one of the directors of Rite On Australia, a local conservative and nationalist political advocacy group.

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Rite-on began its activism during the 2017 Queensland state election to counter the influence of GetUp and to assist conservative Australians in casting their votes and preferences for the best candidates. Rite-On had their official launch at LibertyFest Brisbane in 2018.

Rite-On’s values are support for the Australian national identity and democracy, Western values, freedoms and equal opportunity for all They engage in policy debates, issue-based campaigning, petitions, lobbying, and local activism.

For years a conservative alternative for Getup has been mooted. In the 2019 federal election Getup’s nasty campaign tactics were exposed, recently the mismanagement of their finances has been exposed. Advance Australia was another conservative advocacy group founded recently to counter Getup’s influence.

Conservative and nationalist advocacy has been hindered by mainstream media slander, social media censorship and the leftist cultural takeover and intimidation tactics. Rite-on has not been immune to such sabotage efforts.

Rite-On’s plans for 2020 are promoting conservative issues in the October Queensland state election. Energy, food security and local jobs are critical to the prosperity of the state and Australia as a whole. Rite-On spends much time during elections scrutinizing the candidates and holding elected politicians to account during the parliamentary term.

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