Ep. 50 PACWeek Review

On WilmsFront’s return to Monday nights, I review Political Action Conference week over in the United States with ConInc holding their annual CPAC event. Not too far away the Groyper Army held the first-ever AFPAC. 25 year Conservative veteran Michelle Malkin was AFPAC’s keynote speaker.

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Show Description

I analyze Malkin’s 37-minute disavowal of ConInc and her pledge to stand in full support the new Zoomer America First movement. She goes through ConInc’s and the Republican Party’s sidelining of immigration and national sovereignty in favour of sucking up to the donor class.

Focusing on CPAC Malkin condemns them for banning dissident right personalities Gavin McInnes and Laura Loomer but allowing in their political enemies like Jared Holt.

Malkin also mocks CPAC’s socialism sucks slogan given ConInc’s failures over the past 25 years to reign in government. She also rejects their use to slurs such as anti-Semitic to shut people up they disagree with.

I provide a brief summary of the Groyper Wars to date and Michelle Malkin’s defection from Con Inc. I also name some members of the Con Inc donor class and the key organisations who seek to control what is mainstream conservative though.

At the beginning of the show I provide an update on the coronavirus cases in Australia and the Greek border defence after Turkey’s decision to allow Syrian economic refugees to band on the borders of Europe.


Australia’s first person-to-person coronavirus transmissions confirmed in Sydney – SMH
Greece on the defensive as Turkey opens border to refugees – AJ
Michelle Malkin’s AFPAC speech: The Charge of the America First┬áBrigade

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