Ep. 49 The Gender Binary

One of the latest goals of western radicals is to degender our society, starting with the next generation in schools. Transgender ideology now includes gender fluidity, infinite non-binary genders and new pronouns.

Fighting back against the rewriting of biological science and gender is Binary Australia. My guest on the midweek edition of WilmsFront is Binary’s Director Kirralie Smith.

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I begin by asking Kirralie about why she has made the switch from activism on Islam and Halal certification to gender issues. I ask her thoughts on the deregistration of the Islam critical Q society due to fears of lawsuits under the Morrison Government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Act.

Binary Australia was founded out of the ashes of Marriage Alliance a traditional marriage advocacy group founded by Sophie York which was active during the Marriage Law Postal Survey. Kirralie explains the rebrand and refocus is about campaigning against the follow on consequences of same-sex marriage.

Kirralie explains the advocacy and campaigns of Binary Australia with radical cultural Marxist gender activists attempting to shape the minds of the next generations in schools.

Gender fluidity lessons and gender-neutral bathrooms being installed are just some of what is being enforced upon children. Binary has distributed P&C anti-PC packs to parents so they can be informed if their school adopts genderless policies.

With causing offense to trans people or advocates turning into one of the greatest social ills we are seeing doctors and medical professionals afraid of not approving people for gender transitions. The same for sports administrators allowing transwomen to compete with biological women.

Misgendering a self-identified trans person has become illegal in some nations, while all people should be treated with respect there should be no state enforced speech. Cancel culture also affects opponents of the gender agenda as Margaret Court and JK Rowling found out. Kirralie has also found herself banned from social media regularly for so-called ‘transphobic’ speech.

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