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It has been an extremely horrid and toxic news week in Australia, with my Trans Tasman Talk colleague Dieuwe de Boer attending the Auckland Church and Summitt what better way to discuss the news cycle in a more relaxed and more measured manner than with Ben Shand the Dusty Bogan on a special Cheap Tuesday edition of WilmsFront on a joint multi-streamed program.

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In the news lately is Coronvirus outbreak 2.0 with deaths occurring in Italy and Iran. Fears of a global pandemic have returned, South Korea and California have also seen outbreaks with global cases now reaching 80,000.

New ASIO Director-General Mike ‘Burgo’ Burgess gave his annual National Threat Assessment at the Chifley Building in Canberra. While the takeaway should have been that foreign espionage and interference are at unprecedented levels, the media focused on a brief portion of the speech where Burgess mentioned far-right extremism.

Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of third-degree rape and first-degree sexual assault. He faces 25 years in prison and was rushed to hospital afterward. Is this the end for pedowood or will its hidden deviant culture continue?


ASIO Director-General’s Annual Threat Assessment 2020
Harvey Weinstein found guilty of sexual assault and third-degree rape – Post Millenial
8,000 Californians Under “Self-Imposed Quarantine”, South Korea Locks Down City Of 2.5 Million People – Zero Hedge

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