Ep. 45 Political Bravery

The end of the week edition of WilmsFront coincides with the end of the federal parliamentary sitting fortnight. I go through the important developments including a number of acts of political bravery.

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I begin by reporting some shocking news that proud Ozraeli and TR News Reporter Avi Yemini had a cardiac arrest and stopped breathing for five minutes. He thankfully survived and we all wish him a full and speedy recovery.

The Morrison Government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Act has run into more problems. As I previously said the unintended consequence can be its ability to become a blasphemy law. The Islam critical group the Q Society is now going to deregister for fear of religious vilification lawsuits.

The ABC through its panel show Q&A is still promoting climate alarmism after Australia’s black summer. They featured a woman who studied climate science who felt she could not bring children into the world. Liberal MP Craig Kelly highlighted in Parliament that human progress has never flourished so much. LNP Senator James McGrath said that the ABC before asking for more money should spend its current $1.1 billion dollar budget more wisely.

Former Liberal Minister Concetta Fierravanti-Wells told the Senate that police should investigate wether any of the arsonists charged this summer have links to eco-terrorist groups. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said last week the main cause of the bushfires was not climate change but someone lighting a match.

Coal seems to be making a comeback with Nationals backbenchers Barnaby Joyce and Matt Canavan lobbying for a new taxpayer-funded coal-fired power station, they have also launched their Weatherboard and Iron podcast. Peter van Onselen uncovered the Labor Otis Group, a ginger group within the party discussing re-embracing coal and coal workers after their climate policies cost them last year’s election.

Pauline Hanson called the annual ‘closing the gap’ report into Aboringal disadvantage ‘complete rubbish’. She called on Aboriginal Australians to take more personal responsibility. This is part of the solution but leftist paternalism, feeding anti-white racism and their idolizing of the noble savage needs to end as well.

The sports rorts controversy is now the subject of Senate inquiry with now confusion over when certain sports clubs who received grants became ineligible. Semi-retired press gallery journalist Paul Bongiorno accused Government Senator Leader Mathias Cormann of displaying Gobbles like Nazi lying techniques. A racist jibe at Cormann’s German Belgian origin.


Q Society deregisters, fearing lawsuits under religious freedom legislation 0 SMH
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