Ep. 43 Deep State Carnage

The deep state never sleeps and is always on the offensive against its dissents. On Monday night’s WilmsFront I’m joined by deep state resistor and Carnage House Productions member Dougal Cameron for a 2020 catch up.

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We start by chatting about Dougal’s favorite girl Tulsi Gabbard whose Presidental run has suffered from being excluded from most of the Democratic debates and her views being outside that of the Democrat Party establishment. She is suing Hillary Clinton for $50 million for smearing her a war veteran as a Russian asset.

Trump after his acquittal from his impeachment trial and state of the union address now appears to be in the best re-election position possible, Dougal and I discuss Trump’s habit of bringing us to the brink of war such as what occurred with Iran but then securing peace.

We analyze the fact Trump used Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz as part of his impeachment trial legal team. I ask Dougal given the time he has spent in China what he makes of the Coronavirus outbreak and how concerned should we be?

Turning to back to Australia one of Dougal’s big interviews last year was men’s rights advocate Bettina Arndt. She was made a Member of the Order of Australia on Australia Day. The left has been attacking her even more intensely since calling her a sexual assault excuser and repeating highlighting her interview with former teacher and convicted sex offender Nicholas Bester.

The second week of the federal parliament has seen further fallout from the National Party leadership spill where Barnaby Joyce failed to return as leader. Llew O’Brien has quit the Nations Partyroom but not the Coalition. Dougal and I debate if the Liberals and Nationals merging nationwide as John Ruddick has suggested would fix the problems in the two-party Coalition.

Bureaucrats running the nation instead of democratically elected politicians has been in the spotlight. The worst example is the Attorney-General’s Department investigating CPAC Australia for foreign interference when it’s not what the legislation was intended to investigate.

I get Dougal’s opinion on the surge of the groyper army and the America First Movement, and how Conservative Inc has responded by banning them from their events and disavowing them. But they will let fake news media and communists attend their events.

We finish off with a shoutout to Dougal’s man Julian Assange who has his extradition hearing in London on February 24th. Evidence has emerged he is being psychologically tortured in custody. Also, we provide a brief update on the 2020 Oscar winners including the Joker movie.

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Bettina’s abuse by a doctor entitles her to challenge feminist myths about victims

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