Ep. 42 Identity Politics Devoured

The end result of identity politics is that it devours it supports those it purports to help. On the mid-week edition of WilmsFront my guest is local young Conservative twitter warrior Marcus Foo who shares his experiences dealing with and incurring the wrath of the identity politics brigade.

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The interview begins with commentary and analysis on President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address delivered just before he is due to be acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial. It will be most remembered for nasty Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump’s speech as he was finishing.

Marcus and I first met on Twitter when came across a Twitter meltdown by Indigenous academic Professor Marcia Langton who attacked a young gay conservative for defending Isreal Folau’s free speech. Marcus is constantly called a “race traitor” and “gay traitor” on Twitter because goes against the left’s identity politics narrative.

Marcus shares some of his most famous Twitter blocks from public figures and other abuse and threats he’s received, including that he’s a Chinese spy. He also reflects on the recent death of Wilson Gavin due to social media abusive and how it affected him as someone with similar politics and views.

Marcus’ family migrated from New Zealand and is of Chinese Malaysian ethnicity. He is now a proud Australian but I ask him if he still feels a connection to his family’s heritage and history in Malaysia. He supports Australia remaining a Constitutional Monarchy.

Marcus coughs a few times throughout the show so I ask him if he has coronavirus and if he’s faced racism in public in his hometown in Perth because of the virus.

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