Ep. 41 State of the Coalition and Union

On the Monday night edition of WilmsFront, I take a trip around the world with Deputy Editor of the Unshackled Martin Hartwig to check in on the state of various political coalitions and unions.

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Federal Parliament returns in Australia this week. Deputy Nationals Leader Bridget McKenzie resigned over her role in the sports rorts affair, this set up a leadership spill for both Nationals positions with Barnaby Joyce challenging leader Michael McCormack.

Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale resigned from both the leadership and parliament to spend more time with his family. Completing the minor party leadership changes Bob Katter handed over leadership of his Katter’s Australian Party to his son Robbie Katter.

Containing the coronavirus outbreak is the next crisis the Morrison Government needs to manage. It has now banned Chinese nationals from entering Australia, it is in the process of evacuating Australians from the main infection city of Wuhan in central China. We continue to be warned that the coronavirus outbreak is no excuse for any type of racist profiling against Chinese people.

In the United Kingdom, Brexit Day finally arrived with Britsh patriots gathering in London by the thousands to countdown the nation’s exit from the European Union. Nigel Farage Mr Brexit himself was greeted and swamped like the Pope. Britain was reminded two days later of its unsolved Islamist problem with another attempting stabbing in London by a newly released terrorist supporter.

In the United States, President Donald Trump looks set to be acquitted by the Senate in his impeachment trial, he is due later this week to deliver his annual State of the Union address to Congress. The Democrats must now turn to select their nominee to take on Donald Trump with their Presidential primaries beginning with the Iowa Causes.

Antifa Communists are attempting to take over the New York City subway demanding free transit and the police to leave, this is despite the city having a Communist Mayor in Bill de Blasio. Martin shares an update from his local Brisbane Antifa with one of their local male leaders accused of assaulting a female member.

At the end of the show Joel Jammal phones in to give us a first-hand account of how his local Lebanese Maronite Christain community in Sydney’s West are reacting to the tragic deaths four young children at the hands of a drunk driver.


Coronavirus “not a threat to the healthy” WHO Declares (Satire) – TU
Brisbane Antifa Lackey Charged for Assault Against Female Member – TU

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