Ep. 40 CoronaVirus Cause and Consequence

The biggest story and greatest public concern in the world right now is the outbreak of the coronavirus in central China. On the end of week edition of WilmsFront China expert, Dave Lee explains the cause and consequence of the outbreak and the fact from the fear.

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This new strand of the coronavirus was discovered in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei province in December 2019, with the outbreak traced to a local seafood and animal market. Official figures show confirmed cases are approaching 10,000, 213 Chinese people have died and 187 have recovered.

There is debate over whether the outbreak was due to batsoup and other disgusting animals Chinese people eat, or it was a bioweapon release either by accident or intentional by espionage group like the CIA.

The mainstream media like to sell us fear, so I ask David how concerned we should be in Australia. At the same time, the media is telling us not to be Sinophobic. David is of the view you should avoid all Chinese restaurants and areas with large local Chinese populations.

The Australian Government is trying to get citizens trapped in Wuhan out, at their own expense and have them quarantined on Christmas Island during the 14 day incubation period.

China’s global geopolitical ambitions could take a hit 2020 as it tries to contain the coronavirus outbreak. David hopes that it destroys the Chinese economy as it reduces the threat to us Australians way of life.


Australians to be charged $1000 to get out of coronavirus-infected Wuhan – The Australian

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