Ep. 38 Australia Day 2020

On Australia Day 2020 it’s was clear we’d won the battle to Save Australia Day. The Invasion Day screechers could only manage a whimper this year. On the first Monday night WilmsFront I break down the day including events in Melbourne, as well as announcing the Unshackler Award winners.

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Neil Erikson and the Proud Boys were moved on for breach of the peace for being on the steps of Flinders Street station in Melbourne. This was for wearing Australian flags which would trigger the incoming Invasion Day marchers. Avi Yemini was also moved on for the same reason when he started talking with Yelling at Racist Dogs who were present at the Invasion Day rally.

The left on Twitter was triggered that Labor leader Anthony Albanese stated he supports Australia Day on January 26th, plus Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek proposing Australia schoolchildren recite the oath of allegiance. They were also outraged that men’s rights advocate Bettina Arndt became a Member of the Order of Australia (AM).

I touch upon the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China and how reliable information is difficult to obtain. There was the tragic helicopter death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. I also run through the results of the 2019 Unshackler Awards that were presented by Damien Ferri Monday morning.


Australia Day 2020 Honours List
2019 Annual Unshackler Awards: Results
Albo Is Backing Jan 26th For Australia Day: Why? – TU

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