Ep. 37 Bushfire Disinformation

Leftist spammers on Twitter have done their utmost to put out bushfire disinformation this Australian summer blaming climate change shouting down anyone who puts forth an evidence-based explanation. My guest on this week’s WilimsFront has been on the frontline in countering this Twitter campaign is generation farmer and commentator Alexandra Marshall.

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Alexandra has over 6,000 followers on Twitter, she has written articles for the Spectator Australia and Penthouse. She has also begun making regular appearances on Sky News Australia programs Hardgrave and the Friday Show.

Alexandra’s family has been generational farmers on the NSW Mid North Coast for over 200 years, an area that has been impacted by this summer’s bushfires. Alexandra explains that there are legitimate criticisms of the evacuation coordination and slow response from the federal government in deployed defense force assets. The Morrison Government has been more concerned with PR than doing what is needed.

Alexandra separates the fact from the fiction on the causes of this summers bushfires. Changes in government land management policy, hazard reduction burns, not putting out lightning strike bushfires quickly and arson have all been causes, climate change has just been a convenient cop-out. A Royal Commission by the federal government will be a waste if proper recommendations are ignored or if it just blames climate change.

Alexandra shares why she chooses to engage in public debates on Twitter, we name and shame some of the worst Twitter bullies when it comes to countering bushfire disinformation. We also analyze the left’s campaign to use Twitter to distort our democracy with its hashtags along with the amplification of the mainstream media filtering through to the first Newspoll result of the year.

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