Ep. 36 Rain, Fire, Climate and Agendas

It’s raining in Melbourne, despite bushfire warnings issued for Eastern Victoria, while the socialists are out demanding climate action hiding their true agendas. That is happening all live on summer weekly edition of WilmsFront with multiple guests providing live updates.

Live Replay


Show Description

The Socialist Alternative front group Uni Students for Climate Justice organised nationwide protests demanding that Prime Minister Scott Morrison be sacked and government fund all of the bushfire recovery effect. The Versace Cowboy was at the Melbourne protest and provided a video update live from the ground.

The Melbourne organiser of Uni Students for Climate Justice rally was long-time socialist campaigner Anneke Demanuele. David the Young Conservative had an encounter with Anneke when he visited Melbourne University in 2018 in an It’s Okay to be White shirt. He joins us via Skype to discuss how the backlash to this video led to the mass reporting and deletion of his Facebook page.

Much fake news and images have been shared on social media to either promote government conspiracies or the climate change agenda, I go through BuzzFeed’s comprehensive fake news guide about the bushfire coverage.

For the final segment of the show, the new Deputy Editor of the Unshackled Martin Hartwig joins me to discuss how we as an alt-media outlet have covered the bushfire disaster and what it has been like sifting through all of the misinformation to get to the facts.


Marxists Across Australia Prepare To Co-ordinate Today’s Climate Rallies – TU
Dan Andrews Begs Marxists To Cancel Climate Protest – TU
False And Misleading Information Is Spreading Online About The Aussie Bushfires. Here’s What’s Real And What’s Not – BuzzFeed
Perth dad admits to accidentally starting fire that blazed across Baldivis – 7News
Anneke Demanuele at Melbourne University 2018 – Avi Yemini
Canberra Uni Students for Climate Justice Rally – Anxious Aussie

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