Ep. 34 A Groyped Festive Season

With the Christmas festivities over and the end of the decade now the next milestone on the calendar brutal reality has hit us once again. In the US the groypers are prepared for the roaring twenties, in Australia Melbourne is once again dealing with a summer youth gang crime wave while New South Wales remains engulfed by bushfires and the politics surrounding it. I provide a rundown on these topics and other holiday news in the final WilmsFront for 2019.

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Scott Morrison even though he arrived back from holidays early and has proposed assistance packages to volunteer firefighters he is still being hounded by the social media activists. The Project also tried to embarrass him by selectively editing his conversation with a volunteer firewoman.

Youth gang crime summer incidents have resulted in two deaths in Melbourne this summer. Even South Sudanese-Australians are decrying the lack of crime and punishment in Victoria’s legal system. The mainstream media’s reporting this summer is even more light on facts than previously.

The first-ever Groyper leadership summit hosted by Nick Fuentes occurred in Palm Beach Florida. It occurred at the same time as the Turning Point USA Student Action summit cringefest. Nick had a brief encounter with Ben Shapiro outside the summit.

Kevin Spacey released a Killing them with kindness Christmas video just a day before his third accusor died in suspicious circumstances.

The Brazillian Netflix Gay Jesus movie office was firebombed on Christmas. This is not a good development for free speech or religious toleration.

Kylie Minogue fronted a Tourism Australia ad aimed a Britons. The left has attacked it for being too positive about Australia, the strong relationship that exists between the two nations and for featuring too many white people.

The Queen’s Christmas message was noted for the absence of photos of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Queen also praised youth climate activists.


Public servants given extra leave to fight bushfires – SMH
South Sudanese leader says there is a ‘serious gang culture’ in Melbourne – Daily Mail
Gay Jesus Netflix special creators suffer Molotov cocktail attack – NBC News
Queen praises ‘sense of purpose’ among young climate activists – SMH
Hey Kylie Minogue, mate, this new song for Tourism Australia seems a little off – Jenna Price
Multiple people stabbed in New York synagogue attack, suspect arrested – The Post Millenial
Third Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies In 2019 – Dark Horizons
Rudy Giuliani’s anti-Soros tirade exposes three uncomfortable truths – CNN Opinion

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