Ep. 33 Brexit Breakthrough

The Brexit Breakthrough has finally happened in the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson’s new Conservative supermajority he won at the just-passed general election has passed the European Union withdrawal agreement. One British ex-pat who has been very pleased about this is local Melbourne patriot activist Garry Hume who joined me in the studio for the final WilmsFront before Christmas.

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Garry has been active in the Melbourne patriot movement for the past seven years. While not a household name he has been on the frontline in many high profile patriot events. He was a member of the Milo 5 who was charged after they ambushed by the far-left protestors at the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event in Melbourne in December 2017.

Garry also stood on the steps of Flinders Street station on Australia 2019 with Ricky Turner with an Australian flag. Ricky was almost lynched by the angry feral invasion day crowd who arrived there. Garry has also campaigned against the asylum seekers being secretly settled in an aged care facility in Eltham in Melbourne’s north east.

Garry grew up in Bath in the south of England. Migrant diversity is now in every town in England. London is the capital of diversity dealing with knife crime, acid attack, rape gang, and terrorism epidemic.

Dual citizenship from other commonwealth nations resulted in over a dozen MPs from Australia’s previous parliament deemed to have foreign allegiance. As a dual British Australian citizen I ask Garry if he is now Australia First, and if being a dual citizen of commonwealth nations is different from other types of dual loyalty.

Implementing the Brexit referendum has taken the nation’s politicians three and a half years, two elections and two Prime Ministers. But with Boris Johnson’s simple campaign message let’s get Brexit done, the new House of Commons passed legislation so that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union by the next deadline of January 31, 2020.

Britain still faces significant threats to its future in the next decade. The Scots and Northern Irish voted for independence parties. Prince Andrew gave the Royal Family another annus horribilis. Free speech also continues to be under attack the UK with the local police seeming to spend more time policing misgendering than actual violent crime.


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