Ep. 32 Political Disorientation Syndrome

First, there was Trump Derangement Syndrome, now Australia’s left is suffering from ScoMo Derangement Syndrome. The radicals believe protests and petitions trump democratic election results. At the end of week edition of WilmsFront I discuss want I call Political Disorientation Syndrome.

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In the past 24 hours, there has also been Blair Cottrell Derangement Syndrome. Blair’s haters which include even people on the right have been celebrating the upholding of his conviction, despite its impact of free speech on the subject of multiculturalism, yet they would still be upset he did not get sent to prison. I replay my interview with Blair after the judgement outside the County Court.

Scott Morrison has cut short his annual leave after a week of social media rage against him demanding he somehow put out the NSW bushfires. The reporting of the bushfires has been spun to fit the climate change narrative. Leftists rather than volunteer to put out the fires have instead protested and launched petitions demanding more climate mitigation policies. Their overall objective though is bringing down Scott Morrison’s Government.

Joel Jammal calls in to report on the recent YouTube censorship of former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia John Anderson’s Conversations channel. An interview with British journalist Melaine Phillips was removed but then reinstated. This developed shows not even a former senior politician is spared from big tech’s interference.

To no one’s surprise, Donald Trump was impeached by the United States House of Representatives. The Democrat presidential candidates had another live debate where they along with the Congressional colleagues tried to justify the impeachment. The Democrats claimed they took no joy in the impeachment, but some Democrat Congresspeople have let the mask slip.

Turning Point USA is holding its annual Student Action Summit in Palm Beach Florida. At the same time and location the first-ever Groyper Leadership Summit is taking place. Turning Point has again had to dedicated much resources and muscle to make sure no groypers or their sympathizers are in the venue.


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