Ep. 30 Not My Countrymen

The British Antifa and the far left have had a dummy spit similar to their globalist counterparts after the Conservatives under Boris Johnson won a supermajority victory in the UK election. They are shouting in London ‘Not my Prime Minister’ once again demonstrating their disdain for democracy and totalitarian nature. For further analysis of the UK election results and aftermath, as well as discussing developments you may have missed I was joined in on the Sunday night edition of WilmsFront by the new Deputy Editor of the Unshackled Martin Hartwig.

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The UK election result demonstrated that the mainstream media and institutional propaganda failed to brainwash the working class masses. Brexit will finally be done and Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s globalist socialism was defeated. Now Boris Johnson and his conservatives now need to implement policies supported by their voters and not cuck at all to the losers and rioters who will never like them.

Elsewhere in the world the mainstream media and Wikipedia has covered up the latest bout of anti-Semitic terrorism in the United States when they learned that the terrorists where Black Hebrew Israelites.

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has apologist for encouraging her followers to put world leaders up against a wall. She blamed Swedish to English mistranslation for her incitement to political violence.

Russia’s online pornography ban has seen a renewed focus on the harm online pornography has caused in people’s sex lives and other dysfunctions, and whether the government has a role to play in preventing this harm.

While New South Wales is in drought the water rights that used to belong to farmers have been transferred from a Singaporian owned company to a Canadian one. This will not fix the drought but it could have been the Chinese Communists who bought them.


ANTIFA Rioting Across London After UK Election – TU
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Jersey City shooter left behind a handwritten note: ‘My creator makes me do this’ – New York Post
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Greta Thunberg apologises for telling supporters ‘we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall – Daily Mail
A foreign corporate giant is snapping up 89 BILLION litres of Australia’s H20 – Daily Mail

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