Ep. 3 Young Conservatives

Joining WilmsFront tonight is Liam Kwasha from Young Conservatives Queensland. We discuss modern conservative political philosophy, Queensland political culture, global geopolitics and border protection.

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Young Conservatives Queensland is a political educational Facebook page where they publish video content on conservative values and activism.

Liam is their most prominent face, at the age of 25 he has already served in the military, worked in immigration detention and is now studying international relations at university.

In discussing conservatism we explore: what is the conservative position on family values, free speech and the free market system in 2019?

Liam explains how Queensland with more of its population now concentrated in the urban south east, Central and North Queensland now are exploring becoming their own state.

The nations that are dominating geopolitical discussions at the moment are China, Iran and Russia. How much of a threat are they are what are the possibilities of international conflict?

Plus Liam having worked in a detention center is able to debunk some of the myths put out about our treatment of asylum seekers by activists.

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