Ep. 29 Climate Smokescreen

The New South Wales bushfires have continued to burn with a red smokescreen filling the Sydney CBD. There is no room for climate deniers anymore the media has told our politicians, the bushfires, haze and weekend nationwide heatwave prove it.

One man who is still an out and proud climate denier is Stephen Wells. On the end of week edition of WilmsFront after the people of Britain just rejected more climate mitigation policy luncany Stephen debunks the latest arguments in the climate change scam.

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Stephen demolishes all the climate change arguments and mitigation policies. The arctic and antarctic ice are not melting, nor are the polar bears extinct. The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predictions is simply computer-generated models. CO2 does not cause more extreme weather like bushfires or cyclones. The latest tactic from climate activists apart from Extinction Rebellion causing chaos in our major cities is to manipulate historic climate data which is inconvenient to them.


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