Ep. 27 Reality Bridge

The second Islamic terror attack in less than three years has occurred on the London Bridge. Yet a reality check hasn’t occurred with us being told diversity is still our strength. The media and elites are also trying to keep us blind on the continuing Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Prince Andrew sex trafficking revelations. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront, myself and Martin Hartwig remind you about what the true narrative is.

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Other news covered in this episode are the breaking developments of the Federal Parliament repealing the MediVac asylum seeker transfer laws and Israel Folau reached a settlement with Rugby Australia over their termination of his contract for his sinners Instagram post.

Overseas Senator Kamila Harris dropped out the Democrat presidential primary due to a lack of funds and staff. Controversial Canadian transwoman Jessica Yaniv after losing her discrimination case against waxing salons is now going after a gynecologist.

Is Prince Andrew Being Used as a Scapegoat and a Distraction? _ TU

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