Ep. 24 Thirty Years Later

I was born in November 1989 when the Berlin Wall was coming down and 20th-century communism collapsed. On this special episode of WilmsFront I reflect how much that world has changed in my lifetime thirty years later. My guest was another local South East Melbournian who also turned 30 this month patriot activist Blair Cottrell.

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We begin the show by reflecting on and further analyzing Blair’s appeal trial against his 2017 blasphemy conviction under section 25(2) of Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. The prosecution and conviction were due to Blair’s role in performing a mock beheading in Bendigo during the United Patriots Fronts’ activism against Mosque application in the city in 2015. I ask Blair given the online and financial deplatforming he has experienced during the legal saga if pursuing the matter was worth it.

In the south-east suburbs of Melbourne where we grew up Frankston was the central area. In the early 90s drugs and crime were rampant, but the area was still a monocultural white area with no further diversity problems. The social problems in the area still remain but the area has not stayed immune from newer economic and community dislocation caused by mass migration.

The education system has turned into a cultural Marxist brainwashing factory today. When we were at school there were no racial tribes, Australian history was taught has a positive influence, and we were not reported and reeducated for supposed racist and sexist behaviour. Higher education has become worthless with more people attending, yet the trades that have been demonised have seen a skills shortage.

I also pick Blair’s brains about the groyper war that has occurred in the United States against Conservative Inc for refusing to talk about the real problems facing the west. The purging that the groypers have experienced is similar to what Blair and other patriots have experienced in Australia. Mainstream conservatives appear more comfortable talking to socialists than nationalists.


Blair Cottrell Trial Diary – TU
Blair Cottrell Blasphemy Appeal Trial Set to Commence -TU

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