Ep. 23 The Real Culture Wars

On the midweek edition of WilmsFront returns is a Culture Wars double feature. First I chat with the CEO of Right to Life NSW Dr. Rachel Carling about the successful campaign to amend the state’s abortion decriminalization bill to better protect the unborn. Later, Dianne Colbert, a co-ordinator for the no campaign during the same-sex marriage survey shares her thoughts two years on from the yes vote.

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About Dr. Rachel Carling

Dr Rachel Carling was a Victorian minor party MLC elected in 2014 during Daniel Andrews’ first term. Sh introduced the Infant Viability Bill aimed at winding back the state’s extreme abortion laws of 2008. Rachel also led the charge in the Upper House against the Victorian euthanasia bill introduced. Following the expiration of her term, in 2018 she was hired by Right to Life NSW to spearhead likely legislation battles against new abortion and euthanasia laws.

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Right to Life NSW

About Dianne Colbert

Dianne Clobert had been a social mental health worker for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Australia in one of their social welfare programs and a Lifeline training coordinator. She holds degrees in Counselling and Family Therapy and Theology. Dianne lost her accreditation following local media scrutiny over her role as the no campaign co-ordinator in Ballarat during the same-sex marriage survey. She has since founded the All Nations Christian Mental Health Association


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