Thousands of Victorians March for the Babies in 2023

Thousands of Victorians Marched for the Babies in 2023. The march is held on the second Saturday of October near or on the anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 in Victoria which legalized abortion in the state up until birth to demand its repeal and for all life including the unborn to be protected by the law.

The march is led by the President of the March for the Babies former Liberal and Democratic Labour Party Victorian MLC Bernie Finn. Bernie fell short in his re-election bid for the Western Metropolitan Region of the Victorian Legislative Council at last year’s state election. He has decided to run for the Victorian Senate for the Family First Party at the next federal election.

The march began as always at Treasury Gardens but Victoria Police did not permit the marches to gather outside Parliament House as had been tradition up until 2019. The march route went down Flinders Street, then up Swanston Street. At the intersection of Swanston and Collins Street, the March for the Babies crossed paths with the Justice for People pro-freedom protestors who march every week. They shouted their support for the marchers. Throughout the march route, only supportive shouts were made by car drivers and pedestrians with just one heckler. The march then went through Collins Street and onto Treasury Place outside the official Victorian State Government Buildings.

The official counter-protest by the pro-abortion crowd was cancelled on Facebook by far-left activist and former Sex Party candidate Christopher Johnson. His vitriolic-triggered antics were recently exposed by Avi Yemini on Rebel News. But there are always a few pro-abortion feminists who infiltrate the March with their usual lame chants and slogans. Two women decided to interrupt Bernie Finn’s speech outside Jacinta Allan’s office with a loud horn. One was wearing a shirt ‘Pro-abortion, anti-fasicist’ the other unfurled a banner that read ‘pro-life is a lie’. Victoria Police to their credit swiftly removed these disruptive women with the assistance of the Australian Peacemakers.

The marches then made their way back to Treasury Garden where a sound stage had been set up for the formal proceedings and speeches. Fr Kyrillos Zisis of the Greek Orthodox Church gave the opening prayer. Bernie Finn during his formal speech stated the horrific fact that 20,00 babies are killed in Victoria every year and 94,000 Australia-wide. The marchers then heard from the new National Director of the Australian Christian Lobby Michelle Pearse and then Associate Professor in Law and Associate Dean at the University of Adelaide Dr Joanna Howe who failed against South Australia legalizing abortion up until birth. Cindy Pritchard a committee member of the March for the Babies and signer performed the Advance Australia Fair, Unplanned and Amazing Grace.

Given that the Aboriginal Voice referendum day is only a week away with the big day of pre-poll voting occurring over 2,000 Victorians believed it was still important to take part in March for the Babies and stand against the killing of the unborn.

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