Nigel Farage and Laurence Fox Bank Deplatformed

Banking deplatforming in the UK is now targeting mainstream figures on the centre-right including Nigel Farage and Laurence Fox. There was not much media attention or conservative outrage in the UK given when members of the British National Party and Patriotic Alternative had bank accounts closed. In Australia banking deplaforming of nationalists began in 2019.

Deplatforming always starts with those who are deemed to have ‘extremist views’. Because not many are prepared to defend the rights of ‘extremists’ the deplatforming institutions expand their net to anyone whose political views don’t align with the current narratives or messages.

Nigel Farage currently employed as a presenter with GB News announced via a video on his own social media platforms and in an op-ed in the UK Telegraph that his bank (which he did not name) sent him a letter that they were closing his personal and business accounts telling him it was a commercial decision. Farage has been unable to open a personal and business account with any other British bank.

Farage says is now thinking about leaving the UK since you cannot operate as a normal person in a country without a bank account (maybe he might stay in Australia when he comes here next week with Donald Trump Jr?).

Laurence Fox former actor and leader of the Reclaim Party has decided to preempt a decision by Barclays Bank to close his accounts after they contacted him asking speak with him regarding his accounts after a recent review.

Other centre-right political activists have now shared their own bank deplaforming experiences with Farage and Fox sharing their stories to their large social media following to demonstrate how many ordinary Brits have had their financial lives upended for wrongthink.

The most sinister bank deplatforming was by the Yorkshire Building Society against Anglican Vicar Richard Fothergill after he wrote a polite rebuttal of their promotional Pride month material in response to an email where they asked for customer feedback. Four days he was informed his account would be closed within a fortnight with the Building Society claiming their relationship had “irrevocably broken down” and they had a “zero tolerance approach to discrimination”.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Building Society denied they had cancelled the Vicar’s account because of his beliefs “We never close savings accounts based on different opinions regarding beliefs or feedback provided by our customers. We only ever make the difficult decision to close a savings account if a customer is rude, abusive, violent or discriminates in any way, based on the specific facts, comments and behaviour in each case.”

The politicization of corporations including banks largely through their adoption of diversity, equity and inclusion policies DEI ordinary citizens are now subjected to defacto social credit scores.

With banking deplatfroming facing a much wider backlash after targeting Farage and Fox will the banks now back off? We have seen the backlash against US companies Target and Anheuser-Busch see their sales and share price plummet after they embraced the excesses of the LGBT agenda. Will the tide turn against woke corporations?

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