LGBT Rainbow Overload to Induce Mass Psychosis

LGBT Rainbow propaganda virtue signalling now pervades everyday life in post-modern Australia whether that be online or walking down a Main Street. But with the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras colliding this year with Sydney hosting World Pride we are being subjected to Rainbow sensory overload with major Sydney landmarks lit up in the rainbow colours.

Almost every government, corporation, sporting organisation and educational institution now has an LGBT rainbow logo along with a statement about supporting diversity. My local Coles has a WorldPride poster out the front, a WorldPride ad on its self-serve machine and some employees wearing special WorldPride name badges.

Add to this in the current year the alphabet acronym has extra letters added on to represent endless sexual preferences and gender identities. The rainbow flag now has extra colours to supposedly be inclusive of transgender people and black and brown people. Inclusive names and logos of the past are apparently not inclusive anymore.

In a country where LGBT (yes I stick to just those four letters) people have rights and privileges that give them the same life opportunities as normal people, what is the point of continuing plastering rainbows everywhere? Is it to induce some form of LGBT mass psychosis on the ordinary population? It seems that the equality movement has no end point or ultimate goal, it is just meant to keep going ratching up its propaganda and policy demands.

But the most disturbing part of the WorldPride agenda is events targeting children. It seems all of sudden every public library is hiring drag queens to read to children. Drag queens are adult entertainers known for their risque and vulgar performances, they are not for kids. There is a planned protest outside Manly Library against the Drag Queen Story Time on February 25 by performer Charisma Belle who on their public Instagram had published a photoshop of them with a taco between their legs.

Australian soccer’s A-League will be having an LGBT Pride Round this weekend. In the Pride Cup game on Sunday at AAMI Park between Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United Victory will be forcing the 6 & 7-year-olds playing at halftime to wear pride jerseys.

Outside Sydney’s Wynyard train station, an obscene rainbow mural was painted showing an obese man in leather BDSM gear with a teddy bear on their head. A concerned citizen clearly not wanting children to walk past and see it painted over it leaving a sign that said ‘Leave our kids alone’. Amazingly NSW Police is investigating this piece of vigilante vandalism

The reaction on social media to the latest LGBT rainbow offensive would indicate people (even those who are included in the LGBT definition) are over this constant bombardment of mass LGBT virtual signalling. Most Australians are fair-minded people who don’t care what people do in private just don’t ram it down our throats in public.

No major political party or political leader dare speak out against any of this, in fact they throw millions in taxpayer funds at such LGBT events. This is because they don’t want to upset the LGBT lobby and there is still a sizable segment of the Australian public who is fine with all of this rainbow propaganda and celebration. They argue that LGBT people are still called bad words in public and online and there are still unfortunately some targeted physical hate crimes against LGBT people.

So this justifies any and all public celebrations of LGBT pride including the events aimed at children. But it never crosses their mind that supporting any LGBT event including overtly sexual ones could have the opposite effect in achieving LBGT tolerance, in particular in those Australians who come from non-Western cultures.

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