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On this week’s Tim’s News Exposition, we go into the World Economic Forum’s Davos lair to view their plans for 2023. They saw the downfall of one of their global leaders this week in NZ PM Jacinda Ardern. Davos regular Bill Gates came down under to help Albo master the future.

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Melbourne’s Australia Day parade has been cancelled for a third consecutive year. Not because of covid but because according to the Andrews’ State Government Victorians are choosing to mark Australia Day in different ways. The Invasion Day rally will still proceed in the CBD. Indigenous Australian women’s cricketer Ashleigh Garner gained media coverage for decrying having to play cricket on her people’s day of mourning. While celebrating Australia Day in Australia is now considered divisive it is fine to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese greeted Microsoft founder Bill Gates at Kirribilli House. Gates was there to promote his Breakthrough Energy venture and keep the government funding flowing to all the globalist bodies he is associated with like the Global Fund. It is the plan of people like Gates and former Australian Health Department Secretary Jane Halton to develop a vaccine within 100 days of a new pandemic. But there is no vaccine for the local mosquito-born Murray Valley encephalitis virus for which health alerts have been put out.

World Economic Forum chair Klaus Schwab opened his annual Spectre-style meeting in his Davos Liar with the goal of mastering the future. An unwelcome presence for the global elites was the independent media scrum asking attendees such as Schwab, John Kerry, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and Greta Thunberg inconvenient questions.

Jacinda Arden has taken the coward’s way out of the New Zealand Prime Ministership by resigning before the October general election which all the polling suggested her Labour Party would not be able to retain government. Her Police and former Covid Minister Chris Hipkins was the only candidate to nominate for the leadership. Hipkins claims he is New Zealand’s first ginger Prime Minister.

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland announced plans to give the Australia Communications and Media Authority powers to regulate so-called disinformation and misinformation on social media.

Dvir Abramovich Chair of the Anti-Defamation Commission who is championing swastika bans all over Australia now wants the Nazi salute banned. Draft legislation in Western Australia would also ban the private possession of swastikas in some circumstances. Public drunkenness will no longer be a crime in Victoria which has upset the police union. Victoria Police officers will not be disciplined for assaulting journalists covering an anti-lockdown protest in 2021 despite paying compensation.

Russian NHL Philly Eagles player Ivan Provorov refused to wear his team’s pride jersey during a pre-game warm-up due to his Russian Orthodox Christian beliefs. Despite him saying he respects everyone an NHL network pundit suggested he go back to Russia. Provorov jersey has sold out in response to his stand.

US Conservative news website Townhall published an investigative series about two gay pedophiles who molested and sex trafficked their adopted sons. Antifa rioted and burnt police cars in Atlanta after local police had to shoot dead one of their members. A mass shooting at a Lunar New Year event in California was blamed on anti-Asian hate by prominent Democrats where the suspect turned out to be Asian.

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