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15th vote lucky Speaker of the US House Kevin McCarthy has promised some renovations under his new rule. The Presidents of Brazil and South Sudan and Former Prince Harry have been embarrased but for different reasons. Back here in Australia the climate is being blamed for our bad health. Another whirlwind week covered on Tim’s News Explosion.

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Melbourne is famous for its four seasons in one day but according to a new study, it could be killing us. A warm winter in the Northern Hemisphere is good news as Europeans don’t have to rely on their unstable energy supply to keep warm. But this is being reported instead as alarming proof of the coming climate crisis.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese clearly wants the proposed Constitutionally enshrined Indigenous voice to parliament to be his government’s signature reform of 2023. He dismissed Opposition Leader Peter Dutton’s demand for more detail on the voice as culture wars.

It was revealed that mandatory testing of travelers from China was against health advice. Chinese residents after successful protests last year have overturned a police car in Henan that attempted to enforce a new year fireworks ban. The media pushing a new covid scariant XBB1.5 or the Kraken as alarmists have nicknamed it.

Victoria Police is experiencing a recruitment drought coupled with early retirements. It would appear that many existing Victoria Police officers and prospective officers don’t want to pepper spray grannies, stomp on people’s heads and choke women as some officers did during lockdowns.

Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy won the House Speakership on the 15th vote after winning over enough MAGA Republicans. He has promised a new Church Committee to further investigate political interference by the FBI and the intel agencies that have been exposed in the Twitter Files. The January 6 lies continued on the two-year anniversary with Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt’s mother the only person killed that day was arrested in Washington DC trying to pay tribute to her daughter.

Supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have stormed the nation’s Congress, Supreme Court, and Presidential Palace. Federal District authorities arrested 400 people. Brazil’s new old President Lula da Silva has vowed to punish those arrested and those who have funded the protests against the close Presidential election result last year.

Footage of the piss pants President of South Sudan 71-year-old Salva Kiir Mayardit from a December 13 road project press conference has now flooded the internet. 6 local journalists have been detained on suspicion of leaking the President’s leak. He could use some adult nappies for men which former AFL player Dane Swan thought were male tampons.

The public figure who embarrassed themselves the most this week was former Prince Harry with his ghostwritten autobiography Spare released tomorrow. He spilled so many of his own embarrassing secrets. He has sold his soul for $20 million USD from Penguin Random House.

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