TNE 86 Loony New Year

2023 has already seen the Australian Government make the loony decision to test Chinese travelers for covid that is already here. We saw the PizzaTate human trafficking raid in Romania. Join me for the first Tim’s News Explosion of the new year where so far it is the same clown world on repeat.

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China will be opening up to the world on January 8 following the CCP’s covid zero backflip after brave Chinese citizens protested against 3 years of rolling lockdowns back in November. This should be a good news story but in the West we are told to be afraid that some new variant might be made in China since they have stopped mass testing. As a result, several Western nations including Australia are mandating covid tests for travellers arriving from China. This new restriction on travelers from China is being done for political reasons not based on science, Andrew Bolt and Nigel Farage support it due to their suspicion of the CCP. But this move has empowered those who want a rerun of restrictions like Monique Ryan.

As covid-19 enters its fourth year there is evidence that the vaccines are fuelling the evolution of variants. Despite this Australia’s Health Minister Mark Butler has already announced further covid vaccine distribution plans for this winter. In the UK where winter is in full swing the NHS is recording more flu hospitalizations than covid. England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has admitted that thousands of middle-aged people are dying of heart conditions untreated during lockdowns. A doctor has told Brits not to go on long runs to get fit to avoid putting pressure on the NHS.

The summer youth crime wave has claimed the life of Brisbane mother Emma Lovell. Two teens with violent criminal histories have been charged with her murder and the attempted murder of her husband. In response, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced ‘tough laws’ increasing penalties for violent offenders. In Melbourne Police believe the bodies of two women found in the CBD are linked to the same perpetrator. A video has gone viral of a woman jumping the counter at an Adelaide McDonalds and behaving aggressively.

Former kickboxing champion and masculinity advocate Andrew Tate was by local police arrested in Romania on human trafficking charges along with his brother Tristian. This followed his baiting of Greta Thunberg bragging about his carbon footprint which she responded by claiming he had small dick energy. It was rumoured though later debunked that Romanian police found out Tate was in Romania because he displayed local pizza boxes in a video trolling Greta. Andrew Tate will remain in a Romanian prison for 30 days.

ABC radio shock jock Phillip Adams has claimed Don Bradman was friends with legendary singer Kamahl not because he wasn’t racist but because he made Kamahl an honorary white. A trans girl TikToker has gone viral for claiming they were experiencing period pain, some transwomen are putting tomato sticks down their pants to simulate period blood. The Scottish Police have defended using the term Minor Attracted Persons (MAPS) to describe pedophiles in a document prepared for the EU as it is their official terminology.

Australia to resist international moves to test Chinese tourists for COVID – SMH
Andrew Bolt: Anthony Albanese delay is a lethal game – Herald Sun
Chris Whitty warns thousands of middle-aged people are dying of heart conditions that went untreated during the Covid pandemic – Daily Mail
Don’t go on a ‘long run’ to get fit in the New Year to avoid putting extra strain on over-stretched NHS, senior medic warns – Daily Mail
The shocking criminal history of boys accused of murdering North Lakes mum Emma Lovell – 7News
Police investigating Melbourne CBD death find body of second woman – The Age
Sheboon steals food from McDonalds: White kids too scared to stop her – XYZ
LEFT TO ROT: Andrew Tate faces being caged for 23hrs a day in ‘cockroach-ridden hellhole Romanian jail cell’ as he’s held for 30 days – The Sun
‘Dear Mr Fraser’: Don Bradman’s extraordinary letter to new PM – SMH
Kamahl slams ABC host as a ‘bully with a black soul’ – Daily Mail
Scottish police scolded for describing pedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’ – Washington Times

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