WF Ep. 171 Kim Jong-un vs Dan Andrews

On this week’s WilmsFront my guest is none other than North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un (aka Howard X Lee) who is running as an Independent candidate against Dan Andrews in his own seat of Mulgrave promising to be a better Dictator than Dan.

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If elected as the Member for Mulgrave the Supreme Leader promises to create a high-tech missile factory in Mulgrave creating 1000 jobs. Instead of sponsoring netball teams, he will introduce $100 million arts fund for local Korean-style television dramas, films and boy bands. He will also bring back Dan’s Zero Covid policy of 2020-21 which is still in force in North Korea and China. CCP consulate staff and United Front members will be forced to take daily PCR rectal swabs and positive cases sent to the state’s quarantine camp. At the federal election, Kim Jong-un backed Liberal MP Gladys Lui in her ultimately unsuccessful re-election bid in Chisholm.

Howard X Lee’s career Kim Jong-un body double has taken him all over the world. He and a Vladimir Putin impersonator helped a Volodymyr Zelensky impersonator escape Ukraine when the war began earlier this year. Howard was deported from Vietnam when attempting to meet up with a Donald Trump impersonator for a summit in Hanoi in 2019. Born in Hong Kong his residence there was raided by the CCP in 2021.

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